Chapter Two


The void

Read about the project, Meet the obscure side.

The Obscure Era is an art driven project inspired by real artworks. The artworks have been engulfed by darkness, soul eater entities consumed individual's spirit, taking their place in the art history..

Until now we've been building an amazing project, with a present community and incentivating people's love for art. You can check our season one and see our art history on Cardano.

The Obscure Era project had by itself several inspirations, mainly from bands, some of the main inspirations for the obscure were: Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Sunn 0))), Other World, Iron Maiden, some animes and many more!

The project has been writed to at least 4 steps, Chapter One: Into the darkness, Chapter Two: Hail the void, Chapter Three: The Void??,Mutations?? Evolutions?? Glitches???.
Read more in the Roadmap.

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Hail to the void


Art collaborations

Full of References.

To integrate our arts with the cardano community, we made several references to pop culture, where they are represented with our art style for your appreciation.


There're something coming that you don't miss out on waiting.

remember, you are early.

Music NFTs

To merge two styles of art, music and illustrations, we have among our collection 105 NFTs that comes with one of the 10 tracks. Five of them are reserved to 1/1s.



  • Nielsen - Artist

    I'm Nielsen, the artist behind Obscure Era. I always liked to draw, since I was a child I loved to do doodles, I studied human anatomy and also digital painting techniques. I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil and I study Architecture and Urbanism, I have been a member of Cardano since August 2021. I hope everyone appreciates the art, as we have a way more to show.

  • Santon - Dev

    I'm Santon, a Computer engineering student that Lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil and start learning code in 2017, I'm also a C# .Net Developer, amazed by the future of technology and what it's going to bring to humanity. Cardano community member since Mar. 2021 and so excited to #BuildOnCardano.


On mint date, on #📣│announcements channel in discord we will put the link to our mint page.

We are minting with ADA Anvil

The Link will be posted on 🚨│whitelist-announcements and 📣│announcements
There'll be a link of the minting page.

Nov. 1st - 3PM UTC

- Holders: 35 ADA each and you can mint as many as you wish.
- WL (Void Creature): 45 ADA each and you can mint as many as you wish.
- Public: 55 ADA each and you can mint as many as you wish.

Examples of compatible wallets: Nami, Eternl, Typhon. (Any dApp compatible wallets)

Max 5/Tx, unlimited Txs.

1111 Pieces.